About Bamzonia’s lessons

At Bamzonia’s heart is a course of 47 lessons which aims to provide young people with a detailed understanding of the financial issues that might affect them throughout their lives. It exceeds the expectations of the current UK GovernmenPrimary - money around the worldt’s Financial Capability programme and covers all curriculum requirements across the UK.

The lessons are presented  in three modules: Discover (ages 7-11) Build (ages 11-14) and Live (ages 14-16) Here is a sample from each  module:

Bamzonia Button V1 Discover lesson 8 – Knowing the value of money


Bamzonia Button V1Build lesson 26 – Prioritising needs and wants


Bamzonia Button V1 Live lesson 37 – Creditworthiness


Bamzonia manages the whole lesson delivery process on-line, including lesson content, interactive tests, certificates for achievement and  detailed reporting functionality.

The  lessons are PFEG accredited and (with the possible exception of 46 and 47) suitable for mixed ability groups. Students are able to work through lessons individually or as a group, with audio files if required.

Each lesson is followed by a 15 question multiple choice quiz.

Secondary - debit and credit cards

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Each lesson comes with a lesson plan containing discussion topics, group and individual activities and links to further resources.

Bamzonia Button V1View a sample lesson plan


V2 quizTo see how Bamzonia’s lessons link to curricula across the UK view our curriculum links.

Bamzonia is designed to make teaching financial literacy undemanding. The lesson content and lesson plans mean minimal lesson preparation and teacher dashboards ensure no lesson marking is required. Interactive  on-line instructions mean no teacher training.

To see an example of a teacher dashboard with monitoring and reporting at the touch of a button view our dashboard presentation.