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Primary - basic budgetingBamzonia is designed to be a comprehensive course in Personal Financial Education. We know the best results are achieved when lessons are combined with some reinforcing activities, and so each online lesson has a lesson plan with suggested activities, projects and helpful links. Even so, it could be set to be completed at home with only minimal teacher involvement.

Some lessons have strong links to other areas of the curriculum, especially maths. In these cases the lesson plans suggest liaison across departments.

Some lessons will take longer than others. In general the first few lessons in each module are relatively slight, and the last lessons more substantial. You may find that with some of the earlier lessons you can cover two in one session. Similarly some of the later lessons may take more than a single lesson.

In the lesson plans suggested activities are shown in a clickable box to allow quick cutting and pasting or printing. They are addressed to the student.

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The 47 lessons are all online Secondary - tax and taxation and can be covered either in class, on PCs or an interactive whiteboard, or can be assigned as homework or to after-school clubs. In either case class discussions and activities can follow. Each lesson is followed by a quiz which can be set as homework.

The lessons are grouped into three modules, Discover Bamzonia (ages 7-11), Build Bamzonia (ages 11-14) and Live Bamzonia (ages 14-16). These ages are only guides, and there is no reason why you should not use, or direct students to, lessons outside the current module.

Teachers can lock and unlock lessons on a class or individual basis. The initial default setting is that all lessons are locked.

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V2 quizEach quiz consists of 15 multiple-choice questions with three options. The default passmark is set at 80% (12 out of 15 questions) but teachers can set their preferred passmark. Students will get 8,000 points for passing the test once, 4,000 points for passing a second time and 2,000 points for passing a third time. Students cannot retake the quiz without revisiting the lesson. This is designed to spur revision. They can retake the quiz as many times as they like, but only get points when they achieve a passmark.

Quiz points translate directly into game credits on a 1:1 basis. Teachers can award extra credits to students as they feel appropriate. Students are awarded 50,000 game credits on starting Bamzonia.

Bamzonia also allows teachers to monitor and report on student progress within administrative dashboards. Find out more about how you can Report and Measure your students progress.