How the game works

Game - the island needs your helpThe economy of the island of Bamzonia is in deep trouble. It is up to you to help it develop. You will need to rebuild the infrastructure by installing amenities, housing and public services. As you do this you will see the island’s measures of health, wealth and happiness improve.

You earn Zonian Credits by passing a lesson quiz and it is these credits that are used within the game.

You can earn smaller amounts of credits by playing the Island’s mini-games however, to really succeed, it is the lesson credits that will regenerate your island.

You are responsible for your own Bamzonia island. Each island has a number of “Home Squares” and it is these that must be personalised to build the Health, Wealth and Happiness of the Bamzonia citizens. You must purchase commerciaislandl outlets, parkland and utilities with your Zonian Credits in order to see your island transform from its depressing, rundown state to the thriving Metropolis it once was.

Rankings allow you to monitor your progress against your classmates and you can visit each other’s islands to compare their island with your own.